Bed of Roses

02/14/2011 02:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why is it so difficult for people to be honest with themselves? It's a challenge for many, especially when we live in a world where you are told what to do, who to be and how to act. You start to wonder if you're a carbon copy of somebody else, rather than yourself. So many people go through the same routine day after day and night after night. Does it ever get boring or do our minds learn how to block out the mere fact that life has become methodical?

When we hide our true existence from the rest of the world, we find ourselves living in our own personal solitude. Sure, we may be surrounded by friends and family in an ever-changing social climate, yet we still feel alone and isolated. We put a smile on our face and answer "good," "everything's fine," and "great" when asked how we are, but these words rarely describe what we're feeling on an intimate, honest level. Who are we really fooling with this exchange of pleasantries?

We often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, working endlessly to convince ourselves that we're sitting on a bed of roses. How do we expect our lives to change if we are unwilling to look at the areas in our life where we experience no joy, elation or sense of freedom? Who wants to keep trying to convince themselves that something feels good when it doesn't... it sounds absurd, yet we all do it. Over and over again, we turn a blind eye to areas where spirit wants us to evolve so that we can feel better, be happy and live comfortably -- the way that Source intended us to.

We are the creators of our own storm, and most of the time that storm becomes our comfort and security. When we grow comfortable with unhappiness, the mere idea of getting what we want turns into the nightmare instead of the dream. In order for us to grow as a humanity, we owe it to ourselves to open up our eyes and stop playing blind -- to look directly at our discomfort and feel it. It's time to confront anything that makes us unhappy and change it. Evolving allows us to truly live, breathe and smile more effortlessly. Isn't that something worth putting your energy towards? An energy investment like this only leads to long-term fulfillment. Evolve and enjoy.