04/25/2011 07:13 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2011

The NFL Finally Shows Lady Fans Some Love

With all this uncertainty over whether the NFL owners and players will get their crap together in time for the season, I've found myself about as frustrated as Lebron James' mama waiting on the valet. I mean, how silly would it be of me to start obsessing about the draft or Super Bowl picks in the midst of a lockout? And since I've decided to side with the "poorer" of the opponents in this ongoing battle, my beloved players, I've had no choice but to direct all my fury in the direction of the owners and the league. Until, that is, I paid a recent visit to the NFL Shop.

Um, ladies ... have you been there lately? If not, let me just tell you we've come a long way since Easter egg colored team jerseys! There are sequin flip-flops to be had, vintage flock tees, and this sexy Saints body suit ($34.99) that I found myself instantly coveting.

Oh, and if Coco Chanel were a Saints fan, you can't tell me she wouldn't have been photographed sporting the Ethel bag. It's stylish, sophisticated and only 35 bucks! Winning!

Are you not entertained? (Said again angrily like Russell Crowe in Gladiator..."Are you not entertained?!" Well then, perhaps a little something called Spirit Fingerz Gloves ($24.99) will tickle your fancy. They're team inspired gloves, with tiny little pom-poms attached to each finger.

Okay, so yes it's obvious they're appealing to their female fan base through cutesy merchandise and sure it may seem a little contrived and "Madison Avenue" of them but hey, it's a start. Just a few years ago, the closest I got to wearing "women's apparel" was when I stole my nephew's Aaron Brooks jersey (And that was wrong on a few levels).

At this point, if I buy another piece of Saints merchandise, there is a good chance my AMEX will need a defibrillator. Thankfully, once I'm done with my shopping spree, that $9 billion dollars the league and players are fighting over might not mean so much anymore.

So, you're welcome!

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