01/25/2011 05:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Thank You, Tara Stiles!

For much of my young life I had felt the emptiness of existence. At the age of 18, I found yoga.

Over the years, yoga has slowly served to fill much of that emptiness with meaning.

Through the amazing Tara Stiles, I have been able to identify and articulate the top 10 reasons why Yoga is so meaningful.

1) Yoga is about hot sex. My American Apparel sex clothes are in the mail.

2) Yoga is a modern, American creation. Its original source is Tara Stiles.

3) Yoga texts are unnecessary, similar to an astrophysicist learning about gravity. Who needs it?

4) Yoga teachers are unnecessary. I am my own teacher, except for Tara Stiles, 29 years old and a student for 3 years.

5) Yoga is for everyone, but if you want a private class it's $200/hour.

6) Yoga in New York is about changing my religion. Who knew?!

7) Yoga students don't need another religious leader. They need another personality.

8) Yoga's next generation of role models is in good hands.

9) Yoga is about the almighty coin.

10) Deepak Chopra is the universal stamp of authenticity for all things Indian.

I hope you will join me on my yoga journeys.