07/24/2014 08:02 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2014

40 Ways to Become an Irresistible Money Magnet

Can't pay the bills? Worried about your lack of income, maxed out credit cards or extreme debt? The average American household is $15,191 in credit card debt, and that doesn't include student loans or home mortgages. You can make some major money super quick, if you want to donate body parts or bank your sperm. But easier and less invasive ways exist too.

It all starts with this moment and how you feel and relate to money. Respecting money and appreciating it can help bring more to you.

Owing money can be frustrating, especially when you are worried about a steady income stream, but taking your attention off what's not working and focusing on an action plan can bring in major moola. Here are 40 ways to become rich from the inside out -- and become an irresistible money magnet.

1. Talk about what you have versus what you don't have.
2. Volunteer with an organization you feel passionate about.
3. Donate $5 to a charitable cause.
4. Take a friend to coffee or tea.
5. Stop complaining.
6. Use credit cards with the best rewards and switch to low interest cards.
7. Create clear financial goals.
8. Leave a larger tip than normal.
9. Save 10 percent of everything you earn.
10. Clean out your closet and donate used clothing.
11. Give money to a homeless person without expectation.
12. Write a thank you note to an organization, or person you appreciate and respect.
13. Start planning for the vacation you keep dreaming about.
14. Hang around financially abundant folks.
15. Feel good to spend money. Don't spend money to feel good.
16. Put all your energy into faith that more money is on its way to you.
17. Be grateful.
18. Collect change from around the house.
19. Sell stuff on Craigslist or eBay.
20. Create products to sell on Etsy or Café Press.
21. Switch phone providers.
22. Get rid of cable and use Netflix's Hulu or other similar services.
23. Take advantage of rebates and coupons.
24. Ask for a raise.
25. Sell your old mobile phone and tech products.
26. Rent out a spare bedroom ( or Craigslist).
27. Rent out your unused car (
28. Freelance your talent and skills.
29. House, baby or pet sit.
30. Host a foreign exchange student.
31. Become a mystery shopper.
32. Get paid every time you spend by switching to a cash back credit card.
33. Join a focus group and get paid for your opinion.
34. Be an extra on a local TV or movie gig.
35. Stop worrying about debt. Consolidate loans and work on plan to pay them off.
36. Let go of attachment to the outcome of your actions.
37. Focus on feeling secure in this moment.
38. Learn and forgive your past money mistakes.
39. Visualize yourself with financial abundance.
40. Have faith more abundance is on its way.

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