03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Banned, "Per Todd Palin"

I wrote about this last week, but now we have documents!

Sarah Palin's Wasilla book signing had a few rules. "Per Todd Palin", three of us were banned. "Public servants" in their police uniforms at a "public event" in a "public building" had a list of "public citizens" not allowed in. For what it's worth, I was an hour away, prepping for my television show. I wasn't even there! Nor did I have any plans to show up for someone signing a book she didn't write, that is chock-full of open and transparent lies!

That said, I was thrilled when I was given a copy of a list at a Christmas Party in Wasilla. There it was in print. What exactly did they think we would do? Throw tomatoes? Unlikely, Alaskans are much to fugal about produce in December. The next morning, Dennis Zaki and Gryphen came over to take a look themselves. Thanks again to the Wasilla resident who scored the copy and think to bring it to me.

Poor Todd. It must have killed him to put Dennis Zaki on a banned list. You see, back in the day, the former shadow governor felt free to call Dennis and give him tips on Trooper Wooten's snow machine activities and information regarding a possible federal investigation into Republican Senate President Lyda Green's home -- information which was fabricated in a poor attempt to hurt Sarah Palin's chief nemesis. At the 2008 Governor's picnic, Todd went on for fifteen minutes explaining his former brother-in-law's unsavory activities to Zaki.

I'm not sure what Todd didn't want us to see. All the people getting their H1N1 vaccinations? Or maybe the Obama/Hitler pamphlets being handed out? Whatever it could have been, it wouldn't have been as big a deal as censorship. Yet another example of "open and transparent" by Sarah Palin.