05/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin Saga: Pride & Predjudice

While waiting for the re-run of Levi & family to appear on Larry King, I watched the last hour of Pride & Prejudice. I loved the book...and wanted a happy ending.

Whatever tawdry stories come out in any interview with the Johnston family, there will be no happy ending. Whatever shots fire back pride_and_prejudice12from Team Sarah and their rabid spokesperson, Meg Stapleton, there will be no happy ending. It's tragic. Governor's press releases aren't what you'd want in your baby book. Another example of political ambition before family.

I'm a pathetic romantic, and want a happy ending for everyone...including myself. When I got a divorce from my child's father, we committed to co-parent, to speak nothing ill of each other to her, and that she was, indeed, the very best part of both of us. We weren't good married; we are brilliant apart. She's the point of our friendship.

I haven't written much of the Levi & Bristol situation. When I was young, every relationship and breakup felt like front page news. Theirs actually has been on every front page in the country.

It's crazy to expect the "kids" to grow up and take it all in stride. The Palin Parents should know better.

Levi will never be "Mr. Darcy." Bristol is no "Elizabeth Bennet." The public banter coming from Governor Palin is hurting her child, her grandchild, and a young man who, for better or worse, is the father.

It isn't lost on me that Jane Austen never married, but she wrote a great happy ending.

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