03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Palin's Boob a Fake: Hoffman Loses

I tried to resist. Glenn Beck and the Teabaggers (sounds like a bad lounge act) will be making the governors' losses in New Jersey and Virginia a "referendum" on Obama's "socialist policies."

Fine. Let's just go there. Bend over, I'm driving.

When a quitter and a spitter show up to help out your campaign... don't take the money and don't sign a loyalty pledge to a crazy man WHO CAN'T VOTE FOR YOU!

Mr. Hoffman was a fake... a true voice for the tea baggin', rapture watchin', gay hatin', health fightin', ladies bakin', race baitin', forced breedin', birth denyin', war lovin' party of Glenn Beck-a-Palin-istas.

Here's your referendum, and it's solid. The GOP is sick of your rightwingery. Facebook and Fox News are the podiums you raise your fists from; fists that reach from anemic bodies, grasping for an America people have fought hard to overcome. Sarah Palin is the political fluffer to lubricate the scene. All this glam and luster got diminished with traditional Republican Flacks making the scene, like the old priest wandering inside a new megachurch. Old Fred Thompson showed up to put a big arm around Champion of the Tea Baggalicious Best Campaign Ever! Wow...Fred Thompson...Wow, I just say his name and I forget what I was saying... Fred Thompson... Wow, I just say his name and I forget what I was saying... Fred... forget about it.

I would love to be a Wood Bark Beetle on the credenza in Roger Ailes' office when he is discussing the results of the beta test of the Palin-Beck 2012 launch. That group that voted for Scozzafava represented the margin of victory for the Republicans. They would not vote for a Democrat and they sure as hell weren't going to vote for Hoffman. Ailes suddenly realizes something significant. If the Republican Party were run by moderates, the crazies would still be with the Party. But if the Party is run by the crazies, the moderates will never be there.

The best part of our country is our willingness to CHANGE. That doesn't mean Democrat or means we take care of each other.

In her latest Facebook, Palin boasts of New Jersey's defeat of Jon Corzine, the Goldman Sachs candidate -- as if she had anything to do with it! Apparently, and not surprisingly, Palin thinks her last minute Robocall to Virginians was the difference in a race that was over before the first ballot was cast. Bob McDonnell was leading by double digits last week and never looked back. He also never requested Sarah Palin's "help". Can they super-size Governor-elect McDonnell? Maybe he comes with a side of fries.

The only thing Sarah Palin can really take credit for is New York's House District 23 electing a Democrat for the first time since before The Civil War. Late election night from Facebook, Palin invoked Ronald Reagan with "the cause goes on." What is that cause? Making government so big you call in the uterine police and tell people who they can marry? Palin goes on, "The race for New York's 23rd District is not over, just postponed until 2010." Ahem, Sarah, the 23rd district will be dissolved in redistricting in 2010 which is why it was so hard to find a Dem to run... just sayin'.

So while Limbaugh will call the GOP victories in the Governorship races a referendum of the Obama presidency, which they aren't, they will deny that NY-23 was a clear victory for president Obama, which it is. "Owens, Baby, Owens!"

Your soggy teabags are showing.

Suck it up, Buttercup!