08/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: The Palin's Meme Has a Crack

This just in from the ADN:

An independent investigator has found evidence that Gov. Sarah Palin may have violated ethics laws by accepting private donations to pay her legal debts.

The report obtained by The Associated Press says Palin is securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust, set up by supporters.

An investigator for the state Personnel Board says in his July 14 report that there is probable cause to believe Palin used or attempted to use her official position for personal gain because she authorized the creation of the trust as the "official" legal defense fund.

After driving home the Palin meme of vindication and the partisan "whiners" who file complaints, there is a crack in the lunacy mask. Palin's supporters have hammered into talking points, her "unanimous innocence" and victimization of the left. They are wrong.

The governor, in an attempt to derail the legislative sanctioned investigation into Troopergate, filed the most costly -- by a country mile -- ethics complaint to date. She was forced to reimburse the state for the unofficial travel of her children; $8,100.00.

The ethics complaint system has, at times, been abused by both sides and by both parties. Access to ethics complaint findings are controlled by the governor through her Personnel Board rather than an independent Ethics Board.

So much for open and transparent; open when it suits her, closed when it doesn't.

UPDATE: Since the AP story broke, Palin has responded through a tweet: "Re inaccurate story floating re:ethics violation/Legal Defense Fund;matter is still pending;new info was just requested even;no final report"

According to the AP, Palin has known of the potential of ethics violation of the legal defense fund for a week yet continued solicitation.

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