04/15/2013 07:18 am ET Updated Jun 15, 2013

15 People You've Probably Known By The Time You're 50

People come and go in our lives, but there are those archetypal individuals who we've all met over the years. Here are 15 that most everyone has likely known.

  1. The Childhood Friend You Idolized: She had more Barbies, a cute, turned up nose and couldn't care less about spending time with you. She broke your heart over and over.
  2. The First Boy You Kissed: You remember, all these years later. You'll never forget, will you?
  3. The High School Friend Who Made You Feel Cool: Whatever your thing -- sports, academics, hanging out in the parking lot -- there was that person who made you feel part of the group.
  4. The First College Roommate: As intimate as it gets, but not necessarily a friend.
  5. The College Boyfriend: When all you had to worry about were studying, partying and sex. It was never more fun than that.
  6. The One That Got Away: The romance that was doomed.
  7. The First Job Informant: No, not the person who taught you how to do your job. The one who told you who to get to know, who to avoid, and where to get a decent salad for lunch.
  8. The New Mom: You were a new mom too. You talked about nothing but your kids. Maybe your husbands a little bit.
  9. The Perfect Mom: She made you feel like you didn't have a clue. Until you realized you were a great mom too.
  10. The Grown-up BFF: A gift, a gem, something to thank the relationship Gods for every day. She's the one you know you can count on. Don't let this one go.
  11. The Protégé: She found you, you helped her. You saw a spark of something -- something that reminded you of yourself.
  12. The Wise Woman: She's been there, done that. She calls it like she sees it.
  13. The Friend You Lost and You Don't Know Why: Friendships come and go, but sometimes people exit our lives for no apparent reason.
  14. The Therapist: Enough said.
  15. The Major Bitch: She's just like the girl you idolized in grade school, only all grown up with botox and money. The difference is, now you don't care.

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