12/13/2010 08:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

At the Chalk Face: A Challenge (VIDEO)

For roughly the past year, I've been trying to find simple ways to enter the mainstream conversation on education reform. Working on academic papers, teaching in classrooms, and presenting at conferences were not cutting it. Perhaps as a new faculty member, I should just relax a bit and give it time. Yet, the more I follow the conversation on the news and online, I realize that my time to ride this recent reform wave is running out. Don't get me wrong: I don't spend all my time blogging or whatever. There are many things I still do to earn my keep as an academic and one strategy over the last year has been podcasting and blogging about educational issues. This is a space that I thought education faculty should be participating in regularly. For some reason, few were actually taking advantage of these tiny little bully pulpits, bully tumblrs, bully blogs, or whatever the terminology.

There are already numerous education bloggers, but I wanted to add podcasting to the mix because it might be beneficial to actually hear the voice of these words on education. Even more recently, I wanted to add my face to the audio with video of the conversation that I have with my computer every so often. The one I've embedded below is Episode 15 of the podcast, which issues a challenge to many education reformers. If you can stand to make it to the end of part two, you'll discover my challenge. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to take me up on it.

Part One:

Part Two: