Foundering President Honors Founding President

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

Sometimes you have to wonder which side the President's handlers are really on. They seem to put him in positions that invite obvious and unflattering comparisons. Going to Vietnam, for example, was so awkward for him, what with the current quagmire in Iraq and such. Now, I see that he will celebrate President's Day by laying a wreath at the Mount Vernon estate of George Washington.

Compare and Contrast:

George Washington: War Hero
George W. Bush: Not so Much

George Washington: Father of Our Country
George W. Bush: Father of Hard-partying twins

George Washington: Life story Read by American Schoolchildren
George W. Bush: Read "The Pet Goat" with Schoolchildren

George Washington: Got a huge assist from the French during Revolutionary War
George W. Bush: Got a huge diss from the French before and during Iraq War

George Washington: Couldn't Tell a Lie (legend has it)
George W. Bush: Lied (history has it)

George Washington: First In war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen
George W. Bush: Approval Rating: 32% (26% on Iraq)

Anybody know where Warren G. Harding is buried? I'm just saying....