Dear Mrs. (Herman) Cain: Don't Be So Sure Your Husband "Totally" Respects Women

11/16/2011 10:13 am ET | Updated Jan 16, 2012

Poor Gloria Cain. I'm afraid Herman Cain's wife of 43 years is about to suffer some of the indignities experienced by the women who have accused him of egregious groping and abuse of power.

There will be many who won't believe Gloria Cain's words, many who think she's only speaking out for her big payday in the end.

With his poll numbers dropping ever since multiple women have accused him of sexual harassment, candidate Cain has now brought his wife to Greta.

The political wife who has stayed in the background now breaks her silence.

"You hear the graphic allegations and we know that would have been something that's totally disrespectful of her as a woman," she says. "And I know the type of person he is. He totally respects women."

"I'm thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said," she says.

Is Gloria Cain a shrewd political wife? (The statement released to the media, above, is more than she knows.) Or is she like so many others who never see any wrongdoing either because a) they're too trusting or b) they are married to a charmer who wears a "mask" at home or c) all of the above.

Of course, there is also the possibility of d) none of the above, that Herman Cain has done nothing wrong. But this observer finds the accusers' stories to have a stronger ring of truth than the candidate's denials. If my instincts are correct, Gloria Cain will sadly join a very long list of very disappointed spouses.

Anthony Weiner's pregnant wife certainly seemed shocked to learn her husband was sexting penis pictures to almost anyone with a mobile phone.

How many women do we know personally who have had the shock of discovering a husband's secret life. I have one friend, a good catholic wife and mother who discovered her husband was regularly visiting a prostitute where he would undress and clean her home, as a slave.

For years, another friend told me of buying women's clothing, even high-heeled pumps, for a well-known male Olympic medalist who was happily married and living with a growing family.

Think of the serial killers who kept their gruesome murders a secret from their wives. In 2005 Paula Rader was granted an emergency divorce from Dennis Rader, after learning he was BTK, the elusive killer who would bind, torture, kill his victims around the Wichita area. During a 31-year manhunt for BTK, Rader was a boy scout leader, an official of the local Lutheran church, a husband and father of two.

In Washington state, Linda Yates' would hear her husband of 26 years, Robert Yates, plead guilty to the murder of 13 women there.

In Oregon, Ralphene Brudos' husband, Jerome, who wouldn't let her near the garage, is serving a life sentence for multiple murders.

And Judith Ridgway's husband, Gary, turned out to be Washington's Green Valley serial killer, convicted of killing 49 women, although her confessed to 71.

Some can "compartmentalize," their heinous acts. Others put on, what experts call, "the face of sanity."

We Now Demand the Wives Reveal: "What Did You Know and When Did You Know It?"

Of course, the world is now focused on Dorothy "Dottie" Sandusky, whose husband, Jerry, is at the center of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. The 23-page grand jury indictment alleges many of the 40 sex abuse charges against Jerry which involve 8 boys over a period of 15 years, occurred in the Sandusky home in State College, Pa.

Did Dottie Sandusky know or suspect something terrible was going on in the family's bedroom basement? Do any of their six adopted children know? Were any victims themselves? (At least one boy came through the "Second Mile" charity he founded to help local troubled boys.)

None of Jerry Sandusky's family has made any statements so far. And curiously, according to the grand jury indictment, Dottie Sandusky attempted to contact one of the alleged victims two weeks before he was scheduled to testify.

All of these stories are, of course, great family tragedies, heart-breaking for everyone involved. Which brings me back to Herman Cain who has now selfishly pulled the rug on his wife's privacy to have her shill for his character, as questionable as it is. Even though not much is known about this homemaker who I'm sure is the Godmother to his Godfather Pizzas, I have a feeling Gloria Cain deserves something better.