08/31/2009 09:09 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

21.4 billion Web Videos Viewed in July: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer August 21th, 2009

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Web video viewing continued to increase in America with over 158 million users viewing 21.4 billion videos online in July. The report, which shows that broadband usage is high, noted that 81% of US internet users are watching content online. Whether streaming or downloading videos, 21.4 billion videos amounts to roughly 8 hours of Interet video viewing a month, what many believe US citizens ingest in a day or two.

After Intel increased its forecast for the third quarter, options traders began investing in other micro-chip manufacturers. Recent growth within the chip making business has spurred mass investment, leading many analysts to believe the sector is emerging from the recession. With the Street

CBS announced that it has already sold 65% of its commercial spots for the forthcoming Super Bowl. NBC, which aired the Super Bowl last year, had sold 85% of its inventory by this time last year. With prices in the range of $2.7 million a spot, the decrease in sales shows apprehension from marketers to advertise during the Super Bowl, a traditionally strong platform for advertisers.

Apple has officially made a deal with China Unicom to sell the iPhone in China. The deal with the Chinese telecommunications provider should have iPhones on sale in China later this year. The three year deal finds Apple expanding into the world's largest mobile market, consisting of 687 mobile users, 141 million of which purchase service from Unicom.

Warner Bros./ New Line's The Final Destination topped the box office this week, earning $28.3 million in its debut. The film, which earned the most for the series in its opening weekend, helped make the summer of 2009 one of the most profitable summers in Hollywood history. Currently tied with summer of 2007, forthcoming labor day weekend earnings will shatter the current record and summer 2009 earning of $4.16 billion.

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