07/20/2010 12:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

eBooks Outsell Hardcovers

July 20, 2010 - Today's most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment:

Droid X Sold Out:eBooks Outsell Hardcovers: Amazon announced that eBooks for Kindle are outselling hardcover books. According to Amazon, customers are purchasing 143 Kindles, and 180 Kindle books, for every 100 hardcover books. Jeff Bezos believes eBooks have hit the "tipping point," and that the sky is the limit for eBooks, especially since Amazon has only been selling them for "33 months." Kindles Rock!!! I love my kindle!

Sony is getting serious about 3-D: It has just brought the "world's smallest" 3-D camera to market. If you have a 3-D TV and a set of 3-D glasses, for about $300 bucks, Sony's new DSC-TX will give you something to look at. Isn't that why you bought a 3-D TV?

Redbox May Start Streaming: Redbox is thinking about launching a streaming video service to compete with Netflix's Watch Instantly. While Redbox customers expressed interest in an inexpensive streaming service, Netflix has a huge advantage with over 20,000 titles available.

Apple Multi-touch Desktop: Apple is getting ready to bring multi-touch capabilities to the desktop. The FCC recently approved a new bluetooth offering from Apple which will most likely lead to a trackpad for Mac desktops. Another step toward true multi-touch home computing.

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