Most Americans Oppose Online Tracking: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer September 30, 2009

09/30/2009 09:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A recent survey finds that two-thirds of Americans are against online tracking. The report, conducted by UPenn and University of California, Berkeley, notes that users are even more unnerved after finding out how marketers use data to cater to consumers. The survey comes on the heals of Congressman Rick Boucher saying that he plans to pen online privacy legislation to protect web users fro tracking.

Dell unveiled a new laptop yesterday, which it hopes will reignite its laptop business and compete. The Latitude Z laptop, which will sell for a minimum of $1,999, includes a wireless docking station that sends power to the mobile machine. While the machine will mostly be powered by the Windows 7 operating system, select features will be controlled through Linux. Dell hopes the wireless, longlasting battery feature, along with HD screen and 2 mega pixel camera will give the Latitude Z the upper hand when consumers are deciding between a PC laptop and a Mac.

Motorola announced that its new Google Android based smartphone will retail for $199. Accordingly, the CLIQ, Motorola's first venture into the smartphone business, will cost $100 more than the cheapest iPhone. A high price and an exclusivity deal with T-Mobile may very well prevent the CLIQ from being a success.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd announced that the company is set to combine its printer and computer divisions. The move comes after months of rampant restructuring by H-P, and shows how H-P's once booming printer business has fallen in recent years. Hurd hopes that by streamlining the infrastructure, the company will be able to improve sales and revenue, despite lower costs and a current down market for personal computers.

Warner Bros. is beginning to test VOD releases of films before DVD release. The studio is currently conducting tests on Comcast in the Atlanta area, giving customers access to fils like Observe and Report and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past days before they are available at rental stores, kiosks and DVD retailers. While Warner's has been releasing films on DVD and VOD for nearly two years, this is the first time the company has bypassed retailers and gone straight to the consumer.

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