05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Shelly Palmer: Twitter Gunning For Third Party Services

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There's a hint that Twitter is getting ready to launch a new site designed to replace many of the coolest third-party apps. Lookout TweetDeck, duck and cover Brizzly, Twitter is gunning for you!

In other news, do you like using Google Street View? Then you'll love navigating through user photos in Street View, it's a new feature from Google that creates a pseudo 3D version of Google Street View using user uploaded photos. Does it sound familiar? It should, Microsoft introduced a similar viewer for its Silverlight player in 2008. But the Google App will run on any device with flash.

Speaking of Google, reports are coming out that Google's Nexus One may be available on the Verizon network as early as March 23rd. Right now, you can buy it unlocked for big bucks or get a cheap subsidized one with a T-Mobile contract. A subsidized Verizon version may be just what it takes to make the Nexus One mainstream.

After being left mute by cancer surgery, film critic Roger Ebert is now able to speak again after Scottish computer engineers regenerated the sound of his voice. Ebert's voice was digitally recreated by using audio from film commentaries Ebert produced before losing his speech. The new advancement may be shown off on tomorrow's episode of Oprah, in which Ebert will appear as a guest.

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