Twitter Fight Ends In Murder : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer January 11, 2010

05/25/2011 03:10 pm ET
  • Shelly Palmer Business Advisor, Author, Commentator and Host of Fox Television's Shelly Palmer Digital Living.

An argument that started on Twitter allegedly ended in murder. Childhood friends Kwame Dancy and Jameg Blake had been antogonizing each other on Twitter, a fight which left Dancy dead, after a being shot in the neck. While Blake plead not guilty, the New York City Police Department has subpoenaed the tweets, setting precedent that could make tweets official evidence in the murder case.

As the news business heats up its fight with Google, the popular search engine's News site will no longer host content from the Associated Press. The move comes after the companies licensing agreement with Google ran out, effectively stopping AP content from being posted on Google News. The AP's decision to null its relationship with Google comes as the search giant brings its new Fast Flip reading experience to the Google News homepage.

Less than a year after Conan O'Brien took over the job as host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno is once again slated host the show. NBC has confirmed that Leno will return to The Tonight Show, effectively ending his primetime talk show and O'Brien's tenure as host of the late night staple. While Leno's future as the host of the Tonight Show is official, it has yet to be determined what will happen to Conan O'Brien, who took over as host last May after a successful run as host of Late Night.

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