Verizon/Google iPad Killer

05/12/2010 04:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

May 12, 2010 - Today's most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment:

Verizon/Google iPad Killer: It looks like Verizon is going to team up with Google to create the ultimate iPad killer. Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam said a Google tablet could give users access to "all the things Google has in its archives." Of course, so could any full-featured tablet, but let's not rush to judgment. There are no details about the device.

FCC To The Rescue: The FCC is considering a new plan that would require mobile carriers to alert users when they are about to exceed their plan. The regulation could save consumers a million.

iPhone Credit Card App: Square Square is making it easier than ever before to pay for an item with a credit card. The free iPad app, which was just made available for the iPhone, lets users pay by swiping a credit or debt card through a little dongle plugged into the headphone jack. Get ready to buy pretzels from street vendors who take credit cards on their iPhones.

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