10/14/2011 10:11 am ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

Rick Fox on the NBA Lockout and His New Horror Web Series (VIDEO)

Rick Fox helped the L.A. Lakers win three NBA Championships, but now he's taking his talents online. He has produced an original thriller movie/webseries on YouTube called Hysteria.

Although he stopped by to talk about what he's doing off the court, the NBA lockout is still on Rick's mind. He stretched his 6 foot 8 inch frame out on the What's Trending couch and joked, "Tell me this is not going to go on much longer."

Fox was of course talking about the fact that the 2011 NBA season has been delayed for at least 2 weeks due to continued negotiations between Players and Coaches. Fox was a player rep during the NBA lockout in the late 90′s. When asked what the players are going through, Fox said, "They're probably conscious for the first time that they're going to be losing some money." He continued to explain that for some players that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per game.

Then we got into Rick Fox's new life as a producer. Fox started acting back in 1994 with the basketball flick Blue Chips and has continued with roles on VH1's Single Ladies, Meet the Browns and The Big Bang Theory to name a few. Now, he's moving behind the camera. "I made what I would call my film school experience," Fox told us about his film Hysteria he shot 3 years ago. "I learned through that experience that distribution is a difficult task so instead of giving my movie away I held on to it for a couple years. Then I made it into a web series, re-edited it. I have 26 episodes. I decided that with the web and social media it puts the power into the filmmakers hands -- greater power than they've had in the past few years and self distribute it."

The producer humbly explained that, "It wasn't an easy journey." That is one of the reasons Rick Fox offers behind the scenes vlogs and commentary on the episodes on his channel. "I'm speaking for the work of a ton of other cast and crew members," Fox said about the videos.

The horror webseries Hysteria is currently being released in 26 episodes, one a day, leading up to Halloween.