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Sister Jenna


14 Self-Realizations

Posted: 08/04/2012 8:41 am

As part of the America Meditating~Pause for Peace campaign, Sister Jenna invites you to feel good!

I hope you've had time off from work or school this summer but what time have you taken for you? Try to take a "self-cation" before the end of the season. It's a great way to reduce stress and boost energy and it all starts with a little self realization. Here are 14 realizations to get you going:

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  • Realization 1

    <em>To change is to enhance the self. I want to change and change needs me.</em>

  • Realization 2

    <em>If you can understand that your being aware of how much more you are today, rather than looking into a past you cannot change, or walking around with an unfulfilled expectation, then just maybe, you're ready to really embrace freedom.</em>

  • Realization 3

    <em>Forgiveness is giving up the expectation that the past should've been different.</em>

  • Realization 4

    <em>To push aside pure love is to neglect the love that you are. To recognize when love is not true or pure and walk away with grace is to embrace that true love was always you.</em>

  • Realization 5

    <em>Eternity does exist. It hides in the feelings of our memory. Our purity is eternal.</em>

  • Realization 6

    <em>Every one of us carries a story within, it is our responsibility to know our own story and not waste time thinking about the story of others.</em>

  • Realization 7

    <em>Hurts from the past tend to hide themselves in unique and respectable places within the soul. Fear walks along the side of hurt. With empathy and wisdom, listen to your allies who are not afraid to tell you where your healing can begin.</em>

  • Realization 8

    <em>Attainments are spiritual experiences inside the soul. Achievements are external. However, to attain spirituality from achievements is real, true success and offers the soul deep satisfaction.</em>

  • Realization 9

    <em>By knowing your own secret that resides deep in the soul, you will be able to know the secret of all. The secret is, life's greatest fortune and meaning for being here is, to love, love, love, no matter what.</em>

  • Realization 10

    <em>Thinking how courageous you are and that all you have to keep doing is remembering the original spark of light in which the body tends to make us forget ... the path is about love.</em>

  • Realization 11

    Our soul is light and to feed it with fear or hate is to extinguish its power. These times are gifts, signaling us to only feed the soul with what keeps it lit, and that is with love and spiritual understanding.

  • Realization 12

    <em>It requires a quiet inner courage to admit to yourself that our conscience is calling us to let go of old beliefs that no longer support pure love and real freedom.</em>

  • Realization 13

    There are two energies existing in the world. One that is degenerating and obvious - fear, worry, greed, anger.., and the other that is uplifting - compassionate, divine, noble, humble, peaceful, cheerful, kind... It's up to you to choose on which side you wish to live from.

  • Realization 14

    <em>As is my attitude, so is my vision, as is my vision, so are my words. Speak less, speak sweetly, speak softly.</em>

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