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William Bradley


Jerry Brown Gets an October Surprise

William Bradley | Posted October 8, 2012

Brown's plans to match his big budget cuts with new revenues were already somewhat complicated by heiress Molly Munger's rival income-tax-hike-for-the-schools initiative. But a much bigger threat emerged in dramatic fashion late last week.
Christel Quek


Meaningful Leaders: Joel Gascoigne of Buffer

Christel Quek | Posted October 8, 2012

In a world of rising consumer cynicism about brands, Joel and his team have distinguished themselves within the crowded tech startup space by firmly believing in not just improving their core product, but also in improving the well-being of their users.
Patrick Dowd


New World of Opportunity Awaits Millennials

Patrick Dowd | Posted October 8, 2012

History has shown us that good things come to those who get moving, and that being on the move is often more important than knowing exactly where you are headed. Indeed, great journeys have a way of taking us to places we never could have imagined.
Shayla R. Price


Networking Hurts Our Workforce

Shayla R. Price | Posted October 8, 2012

Companies need to be flexible when integrating individuals into the workforce. Hiring managers often encourage job seekers to explain how their skills at previous jobs are transferable. However, are employers placing value on transferable skills?
Mitch Ditkoff


The Cult of Monetization

Mitch Ditkoff | Posted October 9, 2012

I've got nothing against money. I like money. I like having it. I like spending it. I've got two kids to put through college. It's just that not everything we do needs to be monetized.
Marion Chamberlain


Influence: How Women Can Redefine Success

Marion Chamberlain | Posted October 8, 2012

The question isn't: "Can I have it all?", but: "Do I want it all?" Yes, we can have it all, but can we do it all, and more importantly -- is having and doing it all truly, truly what we want?