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10 Travel Gifts So Good You'll Want Them For Yourself

Shopping for other people can be so tiresome during the holidays. Why not treat yourself to one of these great products from our holiday gift guide instead? At least you know it's one gift that won't get returned! (And we promise not to tell Santa.)

TabletTail Whale Kit

If you count on your e-reader or tablet to be your primary form of entertainment while traveling, you need the TabletTail Whale Kit. It's basically a flexible kickstand for your tablet that fits any brand (from Kindle to iPad) and lets you watch movies, type, or read at any angle. It even works on uneven surfaces, so you can use it to read on the beach or hook it over your knee to type while sitting on a bench. Plus, you can easily take the tail on and off (it attaches using suction) in case you want to use it on multiple devices.


Eyn iPhone Case

Hate lugging around a big purse when you're just popping out of the hotel room for a quick dinner? Fear being pickpocketed because you have an overstuffed wallet in your pocket? Get the Eyn iPhone case and let your phone double as your purse. This cell-phone case opens to provide storage for up to three credit cards (or electronic hotel-room keys, your ID, etc.) as well as cash. It can also serve as a kickstand so you can prop up your phone, and there's even a mirror inside to keep you looking glam on the go. Put it in your pocket or use the included strap to wear it as a wristlet. The case fits all iPhone 4/4S devices and is made out of polycarbonate to protect your phone from damage—and it comes in a variety of colors.


Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger
Did you know that leaving your electronics plugged in after their batteries have been fully charged is not only bad for the environment (it wastes energy) but also for the batteries? Unfortunately, most of us have our devices on us during the day and leave them plugged in overnight. Instead of setting an alarm to get up and unplug your digital camera or cell phone, get the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger. Use your own USB cable to plug the Mushroom into your device and it will automatically shut off power once your device is fully charged. The travel version features a cord winder and folding plug to keep it small and tidy in your bag.



Just because you're traveling doesn't mean your fitness routine has to go out the window! Get a jump-start on your exercise and weight-loss resolutions with the FitKit. This small capsule comes with everything you need to work out on the road—there's an exercise band, a jump rope, a resistance tube, a pedometer with a safety alarm, and more. Plus, you get access to an online library with more than 250 different exercises you can do using your own body weight and the kit. There's a variety of FitKits available, including one specially designed for people over 50.


Doberman Bag Protector Alert

Guard your luggage with this personal security alarm. Attach the Doberman to your suitcase or valuables and the motion sensor will set off an alarm if anyone tries to move your belongings without entering a security code. The emergency siren can't be shut off without your personal code, making it a good guard against thieves. Traveling alone? The bag protector doubles as a panic alarm—just carry it with you and pull the pin to activate the siren.


TravelSmith Bag Bungee

Tired of dragging a rolling suitcase and a laptop or purse around the airport? The bag bungee lets you secure a second bag or personal item to your suitcase to make your belongings easier to schlep. The bungee is easy to secure on and off, so you can quickly separate the items when boarding the plane or checking a bag.


Powerbag Business Class Pack
Recharge your gadgets on the go with the Powerbag Business Class Pack. This handy backpack has a built-in battery system, so it not only carries your electronics but also charges them at the same time. Plug in your smartphones, e-readers, or tablets using the bag's USB port—when fully charged, the bag can charge an average smartphone four times. The Powerbag itself comes with an AC adapter that you can plug into the wall in between trips. We like the Business Class Pack for its checkpoint-friendly FlyFlat design, which lets you keep your laptop inside the bag during airport security screenings.


Storm Logic Sweater Jacket

Cold-weather vacations are fun, but they require bulky clothing and more luggage. Do double duty with this lightweight jacket that transforms into a neck pillow for easy travel. The jacket comes in a men's and women's version (as well as in multiple stylish colors) and has a built-in "stuff sack" that lets you roll it into an adjustable travel pillow. Perfect for plane travel! The jacket is functional, too—it has a microfleece-lined collar, a lined chin flap (so the zipper doesn't irritate), a fully lined hood, microfleece-lined pockets with zippers, and an inside passport pocket. It's also water repellent and has Primaloft Sport insulation, which keeps you warm even if you're wet.



Bringing back wine, spirits, or other breakables in your luggage? Use the JetBag to make sure your fragile bottles arrive in one piece. The small bag features multiple padded and absorbent inserts to keep delicate items from breaking—and to keep your white clothes protected from a red Merlot, in case disaster (or an overzealous baggage handler) strikes. If liquid does happen to spill, the bag will absorb up to 26 ounces for 20 or more hours.


Sholdit Clutch Wrap
Keep your belongings safe and secure—without a bulky purse or bag—with the Sholdit Clutch Wrap. The Sholdit can be worn as an infinity scarf, head cover, or cross-body wrap—and it features a hidden zippered pocket to store your phone, wallet, and keys. You'll have all your stuff within easy reach, but you'll be able to keep your hands free—perfect for airports.

$49–$79 (price varies by style),

-- By Caroline Morse

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