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Puerto Rico's Population Drops Due To Shaky Economy

Puerto Rico's Population Drops Due To Shaky Economy

Commented Sep 12, 2013 at 19:28:49 in Latino Voices

“Very informative article and I have to concede. The case is sad but so true. This is my perspective of some of the points deliberated. With many lazies living off of the government... technically speaking; free food, free government housing with water, power, and wifi included. That is completely preposterous, this is where the majority of the money goes to. Many professional work an over substantial amount of hours only to pay almost everything to hacienda (the government) to include about $300 a month for water, and about $400 a month for power (with window units only turned on at night). Drugs and crime are completely out of control; cops, both regional and 'statewide', lost control more than a decade ago with no signs of regaining control. "Zombies" roam the streets all around the island asking good people for their hard earned money... While the streets remain deteriorated and schools falling to the ground, all the government cares about are votes and money. Like I said, sad but true.”