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Is There Still A Stigma Attached To Single Motherhood? (VIDEO)

Is There Still A Stigma Attached To Single Motherhood? (VIDEO)

Commented Mar 11, 2013 at 04:25:46 in Parents

“Jamie, I am a single mother and I always say, I enjoy being a mother to my son but I do not enjoy being a single mother. It's hard for me to believe that women who say they enjoy being a single mother and have that "I'm superhuman/ supermom" attitude are being authentic. I can speak from experience and say that although I've come to terms with my current reality, being a single mother sucks. Please note that I do not believe that I NEED a man to complete me or to enable me to be the best mother to my son or provide the lifestyle I desire for himself and I. My husband will eventually arrive and I welcome him, but until then I will take responsibility for my responsibility and live well...