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Chris Christie Honors James Gandolfini, Orders New Jersey Flags To Fly At Half Staff

Chris Christie Honors James Gandolfini, Orders New Jersey Flags To Fly At Half Staff

Commented Jun 23, 2013 at 08:21:31 in Politics

“All this to do over a piece of material being placed at a different position on pole for a day. We give it symbolism and attribute meaning to it, when all the while we continue to slide down the tubes in this country as we tell ourselves we’ve still got it and we’re still number one. That’s just what our government wants. Keep ‘em focused on mindless, meaningless BS so they can keep doing what they want: taking money from lobbyists, huge corporations and cartels that are paying them to represent their interests instead of the people who voted for them and entrust them to make wise decisions for the citizenry. Why do we hold politicians—people who are part of a misguided system, many of whom are corrupt, most of whom put self-interest before that of those who voted for them—at such esteem? So much so that a gesture like lowering a flag is reserved for them rather than people like entertainers, academes, artists and writers whose work provokes thought and brings pleasure to millions. And yes, for sake of full disclosure, I loved The Sopranos and James Gandolfini. And to those who knock him and the show on grounds of perpetuating and celebrating crime and murder, once again, look at government. They do the same things as the mob, only it’s legal. Death is death. Politicians and war have resulted in a lot more death than mob hits, and in cases of war, the dead are innocent people.”

Fiosfiend on Jun 24, 2013 at 09:09:31

“It's not "all this to do". There is a flag code that governs this kind of thing. The whole process of lowering the flag to half mast is to honor public service either by elected officials or military service generally (there are some other exceptions). It's an honor thing, if you start doing it for celebrities who have basically done nothing to earn it, then you completely throw the code out the window and then it means nothing.”