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Dick Cheney Heckled, Called 'War Criminal' At CPAC

Commented Feb 12, 2011 at 12:02:34 in Politics

“If there ever was a shining example of what a human being is NOT supposed to be, this man is it. He represents the most vile, evil, selfish, heartless, souless example of evil since Hitler, Mussolinni, Chairman Mao, and of course his former finger puppet, old Dubya. This man represents the satanic symbolism of that which we feared most during his reign of fear. If you believe in the greatness of God, then you have to believe in the darkness of Mr. Cheney and righteously pray that the good Lord is on guard against this person.”

freethinkergirl on Feb 12, 2011 at 13:32:19

“TY....F&F....I have posted things about this ev!l man for's a short history...
Cheney was dividing up and soliciting buyers for the Iraqi oil reserves a full 7 months before we were attacked in 2001.
The start of it all:


Halliburton's Brown & Root is paid $9 million by the Pentagon (under Cheney's direction as Secretary of Defense) to produce a classified report detailing how private companies could provide logistical support for American troops in potential war zones around the world. 


Cheney leaves the DD, becomes CEO of Halliburton.  Halliburton goes from 73rd to 18th on the Pentagon's list of top contractors. 
The company garners $2.3 billion in U.S. government contracts, which almost doubles the $1.2 billion it earned from the government previously.  

Cheney contributes to the creation of the rightwing policy group Project for the New American Century. The group advocates for the removal of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime as early as January 1998, and is later revealed to be the intellectual center of the drive to war in Iraq.  

Cheney oversees Halliburton's merger with Dresser, a company that helped Saddam Hussein rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure after the First Gulf War, despite economic sanctions against Iraq.  Halliburton uses two foreign subsidiaries to do $23 million worth of business with Iraq
Cheney warns the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Nashville, that "seated atop of ten percent of the world's oil reserves, Saddam Hussein could then be expected to seek domination of the entire Middle East, take control of a great portion of the world's energy supplies, and subject the United States to nuclear blackmail." 
The WaPo describes Cheney as the "fulcrum of foreign policy", and that his influence for a pro-war policy comes to the fore on the eve of a possible conflict with Iraq. Cheney's wife Lynne is a senior fellow at the AEI, is one of the leading architects of the Bush administration's foreign policy and one of the leading voices pushing the Bush administration's plan for "regime change" through war in Iraq". 
The DCAA confirmed that Halliburton and  Kuwaiti Altamnia, had overcharged the U.S. $61 million 2003 for the cost of gasoline imported into Iraq.

Jackie Jones on Feb 12, 2011 at 13:15:50

“thats why he has a broken heart this man has a pump that squeezes the chambers of his heart he does not have a pulse.he has a machine called an LVAD on tax payers insurance plan ironic !”