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Brixton Barrett's Comments

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Why Paid Internships Matter

Why Paid Internships Matter

Commented Jan 9, 2013 at 10:42:17 in College

“I'm required to have two internships within the next year and a half. All of these internships are in New York City and the commute will cost at least $15 a day. Considering I only make about $96 a week, and I also need to buy myself things like gas and groceries, I have NO idea how I can accomplish this. I certainly can't ask my parents; my mother works part time for a non-profit and my father's company is in Chapter 11, and they've got another kid entering college in the Fall.

Some of the internships available are listed as "Credit Optional" which means if I choose to get paid I will not receive credit, apparently you can't have both. I don't understand why this is, because it's not like giving you school credit actually costs them anything. But of course, like any other educational requirement, it's assigned a cash value.

Education in general costs far too much in America. Remember those massive protests when they raised the tuitions in the UK? I talked to some British peers a while back, and even with those increased tuitions they still were paying less than me, and I go to a state school! It's funny, in a nation where an advanced education is becoming more and more necessary, an advanced education is becoming more and more difficult to obtain.

I'm glad that someone is bringing this issue up because this seriously needs to be addressed.”

Black Rhino on Jan 11, 2013 at 02:47:56

“Then pick another field. Or, work more...$96/week means you're not working very much.”

Ghostberry on Jan 9, 2013 at 11:48:54

“Because everything in America is about profit, with no regard to actually bettering us as a people. The goal is to get you in debt as soon as you are an adult, and then keep you there our entire life. There is a lot of power and profit when you have something to hang over everyones heads. They remember they do not own themselves and act accordingly.”