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CLAHOW's Comments

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Tiger Woods Apology:

Tiger Woods Apology: "I Regret Those Transgressions With All Of My Heart"

Commented Feb 12, 2010 at 09:37:08 in Sports

“Talk about political correctness. He should tip his speech writer. "Regret with all my heart..." is a nice lead. "Stay within my family..." is a good followup. "Privacy is something I must protect..." is a great close. Problem is he never regretted his sin and the pain it caused until he got caught. His family meant nothing and his actions have never revolved around his family's needs to any degree. Privacy is something he only exercised to cover his sin and disgusting lack of character. As I said, tip the speech writer, get a non-public job, move - hopefully without Elin and the kids, who need an entirely new life of hope, and stick to rehab; or as Hume said, give Christ Jesus a honest chance to help you. You will never ever change alone, but grace, which only God can offer. Then, see if there's hope for you and a restart with the family and golf. Oh, and as far as Grubbs asking for an apology that she felt "used" when Woods told her she was the only one; what a *****. How is Elin suppose to feel!!!”

bullfinch on Feb 12, 2010 at 20:23:07

“please...let jesus sleep”