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Carla Brauer's Comments

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Sneer at the Beef Industry but Love Your Ice Cream? Not So Fast...

Sneer at the Beef Industry but Love Your Ice Cream? Not So Fast...

Commented Jul 6, 2012 at 16:27:12 in Home

“I'm sorry, but this is not news. Worth talking about? Sure, but it's not a "dirty secret" - the fact that it surprises anyone is more a testament to our not giving a half second's thought to what happens to dairy cows than anyone's efforts to hide something. Of course they're used for meat! It would certainly be a waste to do much else with them. Americans don't seem to care what breed their meat comes (their loss, if you ask me), so butchers don't even note a difference between Angus or, say, the much tastier Charolais, and they're certainly going to bother saying "hey guys, this one here came from a tough old Holstein."

In a way I'm glad articles like this are educating people about what should be obvious, but it also makes me sad and embarrassed that this is an indication of how out of touch people are with their food.

I see a lot of comments advising people to read this book or watch this documentary, but I believe the most important thing you can really do is to visit a few local ranches, talk to the people who run them, and form your own opinions. Even better, start taking responsibility for providing yourself with some of your own food. Get some chickens, grow some veggies, a pot of herbs on the windowsill, whatever you can manage. Nothing will better teach you to appreciate what goes into producing food than learning what's involved firsthand.”
Moving Forward for Farm Animals

Moving Forward for Farm Animals

Commented Jan 29, 2009 at 01:43:22 in Healthy Living

“So wonderful to be reminded of how many great strides we've made toward better and more sustainable agriculture. We've become far removed from where our food comes from, making it easy to forget our responsibility to ensure that it's produced in a sustainable, humane way. People are waking up now to the realities of mass-produced food, and choosing local farms and policy reform over our environmentally devastating norm. Erin promises to be a voice encouraging us to take the next step toward better food and a better planet.”