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Rethinking Collective Impact

Rethinking Collective Impact

Commented Sep 4, 2012 at 17:54:14 in Impact

“I believe that the Collective Impact model provides a reasonable framework for more meaningful collaboration than has existed in the past. As the blog post suggests, cross sector collaborations have been around for decades. But, with this framework, there is a chance that non profits can best tailor their roles to solving social problems based upon their specific mission centric areas of expertise vs. trying to bite off the entire spectrum of possible solutions alone. Having a centralized convener organization to help mediate and direct the organizations towards developing solutions is the secret sauce that gives me hope that this model can help lead to better, more collaborative and unified outcomes for our communities. It's not easy and yes, each organization at the table has unique needs, obligations and perspectives. Bringing those drivers to the fore, setting expectations for the group dynamics and managing the process are how the collective impact convener can be beneficial to making headway towards solutions.”