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Rules For Dads Raising Daughters: The Good Men Project's List

Commented Jun 16, 2012 at 01:47:50 in Parents

“I've raised 4 (FOUR) daughters. The oldest is 28, the youngest 18, in August. All of them are, each of them is, incredibly unique. I think the rules indicated above are good generalizations, but I would recommend striving to be true to yourself and working toward understanding each one of your children (male or female) for the human being each emerges to BE. It's a long, slow, fascinating process. Honesty is key. Stepping outside your personal comfort zone, as you adjust to the person that becomes, is key. Communication, regularly, is key. Setting boundaries is key. Unconditional love is key. I am eternally grateful for, and proud of each of my extraordinary daughters. Parenting is a life-long commitment. I look forward to it to the end of my days.”