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<em>Gossip Girl</em> Blast: What's Wrong With Season Five

Gossip Girl Blast: What's Wrong With Season Five

Commented Feb 19, 2012 at 23:33:44 in TV

“YESSS! Thank you! I completely agree with the deconstruction of Blair- I mean what happened? And i think the only reason why Dair is even happening is because she's passive and that in my opinion makes Dan more comfortable in approaching her. i always had the sense that Dan couldn't or didn't like a strong woman like Blair's character before season 5, whereas Chuck was like, 'Ok Blair it's on let's do this!' Chuck lets Blair be the strong woman she usually is, basking in her full intelligent maniacal brilliant glory, while Dan seems to want to keep her sweet, nice, and manageable which really infuriates me.
Corny as it is, Blair was kind of my tv character heroine, she was well dressed, no-nonsense, didn't feel sorry for herself for too long, and hella smart/ wickedly strategic. she was like a cross between Catherine the Great, Machaivelli, and Atilla the Hun. Who couldn't love her? And now she's reduced to a mere damsel in distress main stock character which frustrates me as the season goes on.... *sigh”

dolly78 on Feb 22, 2012 at 11:42:07

“"Dan seems to want to keep her sweet, nice, and manageable"

You hit the nail on the head, this is EXACTLY what I see that they did. The only way for the relationship to work was watering down Blair and by doing this you've watered down the entire show. Now it taste like flat soda, it's not a good thing and I know I'm the last of my friends who are watching GG but after this entire mess I think I'm turning off - for good.”