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Health Care's Biggest Money-Wasters

Health Care's Biggest Money-Wasters

Commented Aug 11, 2009 at 10:31:03 in Business

“On a recent triip to the Czech Republic, my 4-year-old grandson fell in a park in the small town of jitec. he was taken to the local ER, and within 15 minutes, he was being x-rayed and examined by a neurologist. Luckily, the head wound was not serious and the cut was closed with a couple of stitches by another doctor. Total time: about 90 minutes; total cost, $35. The visit would have been free if we were Czech residents. Earlier that week, I saw a doctor in Prague who confirmed a diagnosis of shingles (herpes zoster). No waiting time to see the MD, who refused to charge for her consultation. She prescribed an anti-viral drug that would have cost about $300 in the US; cost in Prague, $38. Again, it would have been free had I been a Czech resident. My daughter and her family, who live in Prague, pay $30 a month for a comprehensive family policy that covers ALL medical, dental, and drug expenses for her and her husband and two young daughters. They pick their own doctors, dentists, etc. ). Of course, this is "socialized" medicine, but anyone in the Czech Republic has full access to health care. Friends in Vienna enjoy a similar health-care plan, where doctors do make housecalls. And both countries enjoy better health-care outcomes than the US at a much lower percapita cost. What's wrong with this picture?”