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States' Grandparent Visitation Laws Raise Concern

States' Grandparent Visitation Laws Raise Concern

Commented Nov 13, 2011 at 20:10:40 in Parents

“Grandparents wrights, if we don't ask for it and fight for it we'll never get it. I love my grandchildren with all my heart and they love me but we can never see, hug or even talk to them. Even though we (my husband and I) raised one of them four and a half years. The child is now seven and still cries to see us and we can not kiss that little cheek... God help our families. Oh yes in the name of the constitution the law tricks us into thinking they are helping the mothers when in actuality they are helping to destroy the family bond. To all who hurt......Sincerely, Connie Goulding let's form groups”