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Summer Camp: Unplugged or Unfair?

Summer Camp: Unplugged or Unfair?

Commented Jul 3, 2013 at 21:43:36 in Parents

“Unplugging should be mandatory. I do not do it enough. I believe that those who unplug for their Sabbath have the right idea - perhaps G-d new where the world was headed. As for camp, camp should be about connecting with those around you, talking until your counselor comes back into the bunk or until you are so exhausted you just fall asleep, about hanging out with your friends and being mischievous, there is no room at camp for technology other than for music to dance and sing to and perhaps to record all of this silly made up songs and the unit plays. Camp is a time no one ever gets back, it needs to be appreciated to the fullest without all the distractions of home.”