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An Open Letter to the New York City Board of Elections

An Open Letter to the New York City Board of Elections

Commented Nov 20, 2008 at 13:23:02 in Politics

“Hi Tim

I signed on this Huffington post to ask a question to you personally. Early in 2007, when the first political candidate arrived in NH to "test the waters" & meet with state party leaders, supporters & advisors, I was banking on the clean presence, consistant Senate voting record & knowledge of
government operation that John Edwards brought to the Democratic ticket, that could possibily win the
nomination. I attended public rallys, handed out Edwards campaign material to new supporters, as you and your wife Susan did standing by the candidate who we beleived in. Well, we're past the historical campaign of 2008, the shocking reality of Senator Edwards' affair and tabloid horse beatings,and I wondered if you had personally ever heard from John Edwards when the dust settled and what words were said. Just curious. I'd like to think that some shred of humanity and conscience surfaced to at least two supporters of this candidate from Chapel HIll.”