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Drinking While Pregnant: Study Says Kids Of Moms Who Drink Are Just As Smart

Drinking While Pregnant: Study Says Kids Of Moms Who Drink Are Just As Smart

Commented Jun 24, 2012 at 15:31:36 in Parents

“As someone who has raised a child with problems from maternal drinking while pregnant, she was a bright little thing when I married her dad after she had just turned two. All I can say is give it a few years.She has mild CP mainly balance and fine motor skill problems. She is now 39 and can fool anyone who first meets her into thinking she is functioning on an adult level. Little do they know she is an excellent mimic and liar. She's as sweet a person as you
could ever meet, and as gullible too. She now has type 2 diabetes and will not check her blood sugar and won't take her medicine. She cannot take care of her money, if she did it would all dissapear in a couple days. Her IQ tested out at 98 which means she does not
qralify for mental health benefits. What do you do? Her dad is 65 and I have just gone through cance surgery, radiation treatment and we will not live forever. What is her future? You say everyone came out okay and that's why a drink every now and then is okay. Truthfully you can't speak for all the children of women who started drinking during the 60s, and 70s when women started feeling the freedom to drink on other than special occasions. Why risk it, it is just nine months out of your life and very well may a lifetime for your child.