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Clint Eastwood Talks Gay Marriage, RNC Speech Controversy With Ellen DeGeneres

Clint Eastwood Talks Gay Marriage, RNC Speech Controversy With Ellen DeGeneres

Commented Sep 21, 2012 at 10:32:27 in Gay Voices

“if it weren't for congress we could all get along. many republicans believe in gay marriage, a woman's right to choose, etc. but also believe that you have to try to take care of yourself. as a country we should always take care of those in need, but how do you differentiate between need, dependance, or laziness? take away the pork in congress and put it into education - not welfare - so that everyone has a chance take care of themselves - not just congressmen . and why don't gays have the same rights as all the rest of us? we're supposed to separate church and state. we have to make our decisions based on law of the land. what about a woman's right to choose. i can't vote for it but i believe there are times she doesn't have any choice. but how many choices does she get?!!! shouldn't there be a limit? abortion should NOT be birth control. what about the woman that keeps having babies and the tax payers have to keep paying for them? shouldn't there be a limit on that? why don't we get responsible for ourselves? put limits on things like abortions, dependent children? if we did, most people would have to stand up and take the initiative to be a responsible individual. as a country, we should take the initiative to help those who are trying. but those who are lazy, just taking. no, i don't think they need our help.”