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Safe Drinking Water: A New Cause that Needs Continued Support

Commented Oct 23, 2009 at 02:54:32 in Impact

“Check out Ken Surritte in Edmond, Oklahoma has come up with these amazing water straws that purify water from any source for one year for one person. The straws are worn on a strap around the neck and cost $10 a piece. More products are in development to amplify distribution and convenience for children especially who are dying at the rate of nearly 5,000 per day from water borne disease. Ken visited our tiny elementary school, Keystone Adventure School and Farm, to say thanks to our kids for creating clay art and selling it to raise money to purchase these "Water is Life" straws for children in Africa and India. They are creating handmade clay "Drops in a Bucket" sending the message that every drop makes a difference in filling that bucket. They themselves are tiny drops in the bucket of humankind who are the difference.

Once again, the solution is found in the children. The kids see only ways to solve problems; we can help by stepping up to carry out their vision for providing safe drinking water all over this blue planet we share. One drop at a time.”