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Heidegger's Glasses: Haunting Letters From the Underground

Commented Nov 5, 2010 at 09:18:28 in Books

“Up till now Thaisa Frank has published "A Brief History of Camouflage" and "Sleeping in Velvet" both masterful collections of short stories, books I stumbled upon quite by accident. Heidegger's Glasses will be her first novel. Reading Thaisa Frank's short stories are like watching a loved one perform outrageous magic tricks, subtly. Or that regaining the free-flowing outlook one had as a child, that every imaginable thing was possible, could be as easy and quick as opening the refrigerator door. Her stories stir the sequestered part of my soul into a phantasmic library of sympathies. Thaisa Frank has now written a novel? I am agog.”