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<i>Mad Men</i> Recap: You Are Not a Good Person

Mad Men Recap: You Are Not a Good Person

Commented Aug 17, 2010 at 21:15:03 in Entertainment

“Me too! I love your recaps and insights. I too would have defended any insult to Slattery (who did such a fantastic job), but I respect the update and appreciate the analysis into the images and framing that was so present throughout the episode.

Peggy was such a star in this episode, especially when peeking over into Don's office. It's great to see her explore the youth counter culture movement and can't wait to see how her new artistic friends will influence her creative work. Don's GloCoat ad was artful and progressive, so I imagine that he will be very receptive to the new work she does, and that it will strengthen their creative union against the backwards-thinking Rumsen types who are living in the past.

I also was struck by the scene of her lying down in her office because even though this is an episode about her moving away from the men in the office, she's also unconsciously mimicking them. I look forward to seeing more of this internal struggle.

I'm not going to even get into the eye contact between Peggy and Pete but i'll just say it was so intense i thought my head was going to explode.”