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The Week Of Eating In: Everything You Need To Know

The Week Of Eating In: Everything You Need To Know

Commented Feb 22, 2010 at 13:09:00 in Green

“Yes, eating out is expensive and to many, it may seem like a luxury they do not indulge in. But, with lifestyle changes, schedules, etc. it has become common for so many so this is an important challenge in my opinion as it addresses a topic many are considering. While raising my kids I instilled the importance of the family meal and eating at home was the norm. I was also raised this same way. Now, with my children grown, and having relocated to a big city with so many restaurant options, I have fallen into the category of people who eat out way too much for convenience and out of necessity due to new lifestyle and work demands / schedule. We all know the reasons why eating at home more often is beneficial but, like any habit, it has to be reckoned with. So good luck to all who are taking the pledge. I absolutely love eating out and enjoy fine dining and delicous cuisine so I will never stop going out to eat. But I hope to see good results in my budget, my health, and otherwise by making some changes. So to all of you who have commented in ways that show you don't understand since eating at home is your norm, help us out and invite us over for dinner this week !!! ;-)”
The Week Of Eating In: Everything You Need To Know

The Week Of Eating In: Everything You Need To Know

Commented Feb 18, 2010 at 18:40:10 in Green

“The meal, especially at home, means so much more what it may or may not consist of. “Eating meals together as a family keeps the doors of communication open,” Linda Brock, Ph.D. According to Tom Baranowski, Ph.D., a Baylor professor, family meals provide parents with the opportunity to connect with their children—to show and express concern for them, hear their perspectives and ideas, and even share funny experiences and have some light-hearted conversation after a long day at work or school. This can help form stronger bonds between parents and children and promote family unity.
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So, if your family consists of a couple or a large group or is everchanging, make the gathering the focus and the rest can fall into place with good hearted efforts to eat better and to be conscious of your environment relating to food production and resources. This is a good challenge. Amen !”