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Cute Kid Note Of The Day: Tyler Apologizes, Sort Of

Cute Kid Note Of The Day: Tyler Apologizes, Sort Of

Commented Jun 4, 2013 at 05:43:12 in Parents

“Wow, THANK YOU for this idea. I've struggled with whether or not to tell my son to say he's sorry to others after misbehaving, for this very reason; yet letting it pass was not an option. What I settled on was that if he did not want to say he was sorry, I wouldn't make him, but I would say it to the hurt person on his behalf: "I'm sorry he did that to you." I could only hope that my modeling considerate behavior would at least show him how we can behave, so he would know a good way to act in such situations, even if he didn't want to at the moment. But letting him off the hook didn't quite feel right. Now you've provided me with another idea of something I can have him say at those times, something forthright, responsible, upstanding, AND HONEST. Hurray! You're brilliant! :D”