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Kerline Docteur's Comments

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The Wedding Industrial Complex

The Wedding Industrial Complex

Commented Jul 1, 2012 at 13:15:45 in Weddings

“"I think brides and grooms ought to disappoint the "wedding industry" more often and thoughtfully make a celebratory ritual that expresses their own uniqueness, rather than become mere props in someone else's play."

As an event planner I have to question the sources and reserach data Mrs. Gualtieri cited for her thesis. 30 brides of what socioeconomic background? What industry professionals did she interview? Reality television is 'scripted reality' and the majority of the world is not having a wedding at Disney. With solid research data available from various industry publications and research houses, I am disappointed that none of those credible sources were cited. SORRY despite what Ms. Gualtieri concluded, most brides are not opting for a 'princess like' wedding and the majority of industry professionals do not shove that concept down their throats. The generalizations made here are paltry at best.”