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Let's Reevaluate Hard Work This Labor Day

Commented Sep 3, 2013 at 21:45:17 in College

“Urban myth?

Here, it's broken down by trade:

I'm seeing a couple of posts on here about "decent" wages and investment in learning a skill isn't "worth it". Those who think this way are the target audience for this article. "Decent" wages enable you to live and provide for a family. This is highly dependent on WHERE you live. Getting paid $36000 a year in Enid, OK is completely different from the same wage in New York, NY. In Enid right now, you can find a 1438 sq ft house on 3305 Forestridge Dr for about $653/month according to Zillow. Add a 2004 Ford F-150 Crew Cab for about $200 a month from Stevens Ford and you're running at $10236 with a house and car. So, we're at ~25k. Well, knock off about $6k for the 15 mpg F-150 and we're at 19k. (est 25k miles per year at $3.60/gallon according to gas prices) Assuming you had no deductions, taxes would be ~$4900. That brings us to $14100 for food, clothes, utilities, etc.

Is this unacceptable or undesirable? If you define your life by having "things", maybe so. For others it's called making a living. Millions of Americans do it every year.”