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KingLudd's Comments

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Obama and the Perils of Gaza

Obama and the Perils of Gaza

Commented Jan 17, 2009 at 11:24:03 in World

“I'll decide what's productive and what's not, thanks.”

kerpin on Jan 17, 2009 at 11:30:41

“That'll get you very far...”
Obama and the Perils of Gaza

Obama and the Perils of Gaza

Commented Jan 17, 2009 at 10:51:31 in World

“"Obama's message? You can have regional economic development as part of the global human effort to save the world from ecological catastrophe or you can waste time and life in trying to eradicate Israel."

It's very likely that ecological problems and economic problems will resolve this entire situation, but GreenDrDan, conception is a blessing but not as you may conceive.

The US won't be able to rely on oil forever. It's going to have to find alternative fuel sources especially once the hidden cost for the world becomes apparent and various small countries, ruined by global warming, begin to sue the US. In the short term the economic downturn threatens funding for israel because the US won't be able to give it billions of dollars in aid anymore. In the medium term the need to find some alternative to oil threatens Israel, since it's strategic value to the US depends on it's location in an unstable region full of oil.

There will come a point when the cost of extraction and the true cost and consequences of the use of oil make it uneconomic. That point is coming relatively soon. Then it'll be Israel surrounded by a pack of ravening wolves and no good shepherd to protect it.

It gives me no pleasure to say it: but if you look up the word 'unsustainable' in the dictionary you'll find a photo of Israel.”

kerpin on Jan 17, 2009 at 11:40:39

“US policy towards Israel is based on many other things more important than oil. Educate yourself before you expose your ignorance.
Also, Israel survived just fine for years without US aid (see War of Independence, 1967 war, etc. etc.).”
Obama and the Perils of Gaza

Obama and the Perils of Gaza

Commented Jan 17, 2009 at 06:02:28 in World

“it's good to see an article expressing the sentiments of vast numbers of people across the world after the very unpleasant downplaying of the Gaza offensive in the US media and even on this site. Perhaps especially on this site, given the desperate need amongst the American left for Obama not to be a another evil corporate shill.

I'm aware that there is a class and caste of people who only want to deal with how they feel and not with the reality of the situation is. This is the moist-eyed environmentally conscious liberal handwringers whose most fervent desire is a guilt-free nights sleep. I fear these people more than any number of Virginian lunatics called Rudolph and Eva.

Obama has done incalculable damage to himself by failing to condemn this opportunistic bloodbath. He is complicit in it. The timetable of his inauguration dictated it. It's been obvious from the very start.
He could very easily have said that there would be consequences for it in aid, and that these would take effect when he came into office if the offensive did not cease immediately. But he didn't say that.

Blood on his hands. They should read out the names of the dead as everyone stands around with bumpers of champagne, toasting his inauguration.”

kerpin on Jan 17, 2009 at 10:40:22

“Your shrillness is counterproductive.”
Obama Breaks Silence On Gaza, Express Concern For Civilian Casualties

Obama Breaks Silence On Gaza, Express Concern For Civilian Casualties

Commented Jan 7, 2009 at 01:38:22 in World

“@ jasapy
"Oh,i guess you wanted obama to say something that could magically end this conflict huh?
He can't do a thing about what's going on in the middle east right now.."

Obama could end this conflict instantly by picking up the phone and telling Israel that if this aggression continues when he takes office all aid to Israel from the US will be cut off and will remain cut off in perpetuity.

This is something he will never do. Not because there are two sides to the argument. There aren't. There's only one right thing to do. The reason he won't cancel aid to Israel is because the US needs a strategic ally in the region. Because the region is unstable and full of oil - and the US needs oil for it's economy.

Once you understand that salient fact all the ludicrous attempts to draw some kind of moral equivalency - and all the specious arguments and nonsensical rationales for inaction all begin to make sense.

Those kids are dying because America needs oil. We all know it - people in the region know it. But when America is next attacked there will be the same confusion as we saw after 9/11, with people saying 'why do they hate us?'. It's unsurprising that Americans are blithe: when something like this Gaza attack happens even the Huff leads with a story about the election of the head of the CIA.”