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Fox News' Liz Trotta On Women Raped In Military: 'What Did They Expect? These People Are In Close Contact' (VIDEO)

Commented Feb 14, 2012 at 09:23:52 in Media

“Don't figure, for the life of me , I cannot understand why the men of this country will not stand up and just say NO. This seems to have touch an area where it shows the weakness of men instead of our strength. This is to not say Women cannot fight, if they had to, but they don't need or have to.War is an ugly phase in our history, it has always been to defend God, Family and Country. Please do not let views from whatever party it represents taint our culture. Brave young men of America have always given their lives for our freedom, and they will always be called upon for duty to defend these liberties, let us not loose sight of this Women will always serve valiantly and heroicly, there are other ways to fight instead of on the front line. Oh beautiful, America God shed his grace on thee, don't let this unseen enemy show up in our country with all its faults. MEN DEFEND.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speeches Still Resonate Today (VIDEO)

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speeches Still Resonate Today (VIDEO)

Commented Jan 17, 2012 at 10:13:27 in Black Voices

“Thank you again HuffPost for reminding me of the way I and my brother and sister felt that night in Memphis. I was called to action by President Kennedy's speech (Ask not what Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country), only to see, hear and smell the stinch of racism. On that night my Parents allowed my brother and sister and I, the oppportunity to be there to hear this great man of GOD speak to our hearts. I have not been able to truly listen to that speech for after this PROPHET prophecied his death it stunned me for years. It did not deter my family from serving in the military and to continue serving the uneducated with LOVE not hate,for on that fateful night in Memphis Tennessee I will never forget. I cried again today, for hate continue's to raise it's ugly head at any opportunity it can. I have found that change has come it began in me.”
Churchgoing Has No Effect On 50% Of Americans, According To Survey

Churchgoing Has No Effect On 50% Of Americans, According To Survey

Commented Jan 15, 2012 at 09:15:21 in Religion

“It is hard to imagine how one could possibly understands God's way with absenteeism from church.
My understanding is that you have to find God for yourself. The church for all practical purposes is
within you. I would not want to live in an apostate condition guessing and second guessing whether
I made the right decision for Jesus Christ or not. One can only walk this walk attending a church by
FAITH, FOR WE WALK ON THIS JOURNEY BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT., Do not follow the crowd,the for the crowd said crucify him (JESUS). make a decision for Christ and you will never walk alone.”

ethelmertzrules on Jan 15, 2012 at 23:57:13

“By following the bible you are following the crowd. It is the word of Men not God.”

therondor on Jan 15, 2012 at 09:20:20

“you would rather take the word of a leader who makes his living off telling you what he believes that god wants? Read the gospels and if you have questions take an english reading course read it again and ask if jesus crist sait not to call anyony father or rabbi or teacher , but call them brother, for we are all equal in the eyes of god. Why then do almost all churshes denand that you call the leaders pasture or father or reverand ect.”