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Tony Danza Says We Need To Apologize To Teachers

Tony Danza Says We Need To Apologize To Teachers

Commented Sep 2, 2012 at 20:48:45 in Education

“Thank you, Mr. Danza!”
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School Lunch Guidelines: Preschooler Told Homemade Turkey Sandwich Not Nutritious Enough, Given Nuggets Instead

Commented Feb 20, 2012 at 20:47:26 in Education

“I'd rather see tax dollars spent on providing parents with classes on nutrition than on health inspectors to check on home made lunches.”

brendannyc on Feb 22, 2012 at 08:50:50

“There was NO inspector! really, this is how and why rumors acquire such power--nobody checks any negative-seeming story it seems. (although our natural skepticism turns on quickly when it's a positive story....interesting contrast).
as mentioned by another poster, check the updates to this story. there was a researcher, that's all,no inspector, and it's not clear that the researcher did anything at all. the girl was **offered** the chance to go on line and get **additional** food if she wanted. her home lunch was **not** taken from her.
she apparently misunderstood, or her mother did, and wound up thinking she would be charged for the lunch, and mommy objected to that--which was itself not correct (no charges involved)--not to the rest of this nonsense.
it was insensitive of the lunch worker (or whomever) not to realize that the kid would be embarrassed by being singled out. that was a mistake. she or her mom deserves an apology for that part of it. but that's about it. this is NOT a national news story for heaven's sake.
read beyond the surface of things! go to if necessary. don't for heaven's sake become another victim of internet rumors.”