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DC Armory Wants Group To Pay $77,000 To Host Free Medical Clinic

DC Armory Wants Group To Pay $77,000 To Host Free Medical Clinic

Commented Dec 12, 2009 at 08:52:16 in Home

“As a doctor in private practice, all I can say is Typical Government Behavior! Power-hungry health officials stop many well-meaning attempts for medical people to give low cost care. If it isn't organized into large groups controlled by known players, i.e. health depts, insurance companies, or large medical organizations, it shouldn't happen. You have to pay to play. I had to send a patient to the emergency room this morning because the state dept of health won't let me have access to a simple CBC in my office on a weekend.”
Obese Man On American Airlines Flight (PICTURE, POLL)

Obese Man On American Airlines Flight (PICTURE, POLL)

Commented Dec 4, 2009 at 10:14:44 in Business

“On a recent flight a quite large man indicated he had the window seat next to my aisle seat . I let him in, and he used most of my seat as well. I was the one sitting in the armrest. Fortunately there was an empty seat on this fully booked flight that I could move to. He felt fully entitled to the seat I paid for as well as the one he paid for. The flight attendants were utterly uninterested in helping. From their point of view, I was the problem. Yet not even a newborn could have fit into the space he left me.”

entreMundo on Dec 4, 2009 at 10:17:25

“in a couple of those instances (slightly less extreme, only invading 1/3 of my seat) I've built a "magazine wall" with the in-flight offerings, crude but effective.”
House Democrats John Adler, Carolyn Maloney Move To Weaken Investor Protection Bill

House Democrats John Adler, Carolyn Maloney Move To Weaken Investor Protection Bill

Commented Oct 27, 2009 at 11:15:41 in Business

“I went to my congresswoman's website to email her and learned why Carolyn Maloney is selling out the American people. Read her husband's obituary on the home page. He was a Goldman Sachs vice president before he started his own investment banking firm. This must have been the money that funded her career. She has just lost a vote in this district.”
Without Insurance, Man's Defibrillator Battery Ran Out -- Now His Sister Wants Everyone To Know

Without Insurance, Man's Defibrillator Battery Ran Out -- Now His Sister Wants Everyone To Know

Commented Oct 23, 2009 at 13:14:19 in Business

“And just what would you have had this doctor do? Pay the whole $10,000 out of his pocket that minute? He could do that for one patient, but what about 10 people per day? The battery had to be bought by someone. The procedure had to be done somewhere, and that facility would demand to be paid. And the procedure might have to be done by someone, perhaps not this same doctor. Even if the doctor donated his services, where would the rest of the money come from? Furthermore, if the replacement were done for free out of the goodness of everyone's heart, their next call would have to be to a lawyer. If you do something once for free, then the insurance companies demand that you always do it for free to all their clients - and that demand is legally binding. The doctor and hospital involved would be forced out of business. People can go to jail for giving free care out of compassion. The courts have labelled this activity "insurance fraud." Auditors can come to medical offices and check how thoroughly you hounded people for unpaid bills, and if you have not been draconian enough, you can go to jail.”

MarcusT on Oct 23, 2009 at 13:17:37

“"If you do something once for free, then the insurance companies demand that you always do it for free to all their clients - and that demand is legally binding."

Ryan O'Neal: I Hit On My Daughter Tatum At Farrah's Funeral

Ryan O'Neal: I Hit On My Daughter Tatum At Farrah's Funeral

Commented Aug 7, 2009 at 13:56:44 in Entertainment

“I was pretty disgusted by this situation till I looked at the photo. I last saw Tatum in person maybe 12 years ago. She looks quite different. I don't know that I would have recognized her either. And no one in his right mind would have mistaken Tatum then for a Swedish woman. I think she's had some work done.”
Down, Not Out: Porsche To Poverty

Down, Not Out: Porsche To Poverty

Commented Jun 16, 2009 at 16:32:36 in Business

“Your hypertension is not service related, but you may be able to get some health care through the VA including cheap medicines. The VA system is doing a better job of health care nowadays than most private hospitals. They might also have a job. They also have social workers that could help you.”
ASU Renaming Scholarship Program After Obama

ASU Renaming Scholarship Program After Obama

Commented Apr 11, 2009 at 19:48:42 in Politics

“Only Republicans are interested in Ayers, Churchill, and Ahmedinejad. It is a typical right wing move - find fringe people and try to connect them to anyone who disagrees with you. Even Ahmedinejad is not terribly important in the Iranian government. He is just a lightning rod.”
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President Obama's Success Masks Economic Tragedies for Black Men

Commented Mar 20, 2009 at 23:19:26 in Politics

“Actually, those names scream poor white trash to me. As an employer, I throw out those resumes instantly. I'd prefer a Roneesha any day.”

letsbepeaceful on Mar 21, 2009 at 11:50:20

“Actually, that is just as prejudiced. You have no knowledge of the person and are presuming based only on the name.”
Is There an Antidote to the Republican Amnesia?

Is There an Antidote to the Republican Amnesia?

Commented Mar 18, 2009 at 21:07:40 in Politics

“The Republicans have completely redefined truth as meaning anything that is currently convenient. Nor do they believe in reality, which they think they can change by denying it. Fortunately, we know who to trust, and it sure isn't them!”
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Why the New York Post's Crazed Chimp Cartoon Matters

Commented Feb 21, 2009 at 14:57:30 in Media

“I am a white New Yorker who was unaware that Al Sharpton had commented on the cartoon (tho not surprised). I knew it was a racist crack about Obama from the second I laid eyes on it. I still find a connection to the chimp who hurt that woman very hard to believe. There is nothing in the cartoon to suggest that, but everything to suggest that the police would shoot Obama and thus the stimulus dead, becuase of his African ancestry.”
Obama vs. the Media

Obama vs. the Media

Commented Jan 23, 2009 at 13:05:25 in Media

“I am sick and tired of being blamed for the poor quality of the MSM. They report what they feel like reporting - not because we are interested in it. I have mostly stopped watching TV news because of the very issues McQuaid mentions - and so have many people I know. It's one of the big reasons newspaper are going broke as well. I will turn on the TV to watch the inauguration, election returns, and the like. I honestly don't care about the MSM's faux scandals and crises. The top reporters are far more interested in their own power than the truth. The internet is the way to go.”
Follow Jesus Like Nazis Followed Hitler, Rick Warren Tells Stadium Crowd

Follow Jesus Like Nazis Followed Hitler, Rick Warren Tells Stadium Crowd

Commented Jan 16, 2009 at 12:49:36 in Politics

“This does not surprise me at all. Years ago I read Purpose-Driven Life, and realized it was about worshipping Rick Warren, not God. Yes this man is a religious fanatic nicely masked most of the time. But it is all about him and power. Given enough access, he could do a tremendous amount of harm.”
Kennedy To <i>NYT</i> Interviewers: You Should Write For

Kennedy To NYT Interviewers: You Should Write For "A Woman's Magazine"

Commented Dec 28, 2008 at 12:25:09 in Politics

“Honestly, it was a dumb question, the kind you would expect from Good Housekeeping or People. I wish reporters would stop asking that sort of question for serious news. Having said that, Ms. Kennedy Schlossberg (when did that last name disappear?) has been remarkably insulting to the electorate of New York. I am resigned to having her for two years, but then she will have to prove that shedeserves to stay.”

CheshireCat2 on Dec 28, 2008 at 12:32:18

“I was just going to ask the same thing about the last name suddenly getting changed back to Kennedy.”
The Shameful Bloviation About Whether Caroline Kennedy Is

The Shameful Bloviation About Whether Caroline Kennedy Is "Qualified" To Be A Senator

Commented Dec 9, 2008 at 11:34:36 in Politics

“You may be from Chicago, but you are right. Why should we New Yorkers be stuck with this shrinking wallflower when there are plenty of excellent candidates? Just because her family and non-New Yorkers think it would be cute? This neighbor seems to be smart and a good wife and mother, and good at behind the scenes activity. But could she win an election in 2010? And again in 2012? Could she argue in the Senate on behalf of NYS? Very doubtful that she has the stamina. Jackie must be rolling over in her grave.”
Boys Don't Cry (Except When They Do): Joe Biden, Ed Muskie, and Me

Boys Don't Cry (Except When They Do): Joe Biden, Ed Muskie, and Me

Commented Oct 3, 2008 at 17:05:04 in Politics

“What everyone seems to have missed is that that son who might not have made it all those years ago was deployed today.”

jsarets on Oct 3, 2008 at 17:28:50

“And yet no hay is being made. While the GOP is desperate for an 11th hour Bristol Palin wedding.”
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McCain's Childish Act Is Enough To Outsmart Media

Commented Sep 18, 2008 at 11:50:16 in Media

“If McCain had a brain, he might realize that Spain is our ally in Europe, not a tinpot dictatorship in Latin America.”
Anyone Can Become President

Anyone Can Become President

Commented Sep 7, 2008 at 15:45:21 in Politics

“You are totally wrong here. No one can "control" their children completely at this age. Most parents recognize that and teach their children about condoms. Sarah Palin thinks she can control her children (though her parents couldn't control her). She thinks all she has to do is say, don't do it, it is wrong. She does not give children a safety valve for when the hormones get hot. Nor does she think there should be a safety valve for children who do get in trouble. We can no more stop people from having nonmarital sex than we can keep them from having abortions - or drinking or doing drugs. It would be nice if we could lay down the law and have it obeyed. That will not happen. Palin's mistake is thinking that laws can stop abortions or any other undesirable behavior. That new Prohibition is what she wants to impose on this country, and it will no more work this time than it did the last. I hate abortion, but firmly believe that it is a mistake to ban it.
(By the way, I just realized what happens when you leave the L out of Palin.)”

bakingmom on Sep 7, 2008 at 19:43:08

“Yup yup. Couldn't have said it any better.

I love the realization of how PaLin becomes Pain ~ using that from now on!”

gblair on Sep 7, 2008 at 18:52:09

“Teenagers get to experience the surge of sex hormone at puberty in a way that is virginal. At no other time in life do we go from 0-60 on the sexual desire meter at such an akward (sp?) time. They're horney. Keep them safe and responsible, not pregnant and HIV infected.”
Virgil Goode: Dripping with Contempt and Hatred

Virgil Goode: Dripping with Contempt and Hatred

Commented Aug 8, 2008 at 08:58:52 in Politics

“My Dad used to talk like that. Life wasn't worth living without tobacco, who wants to be old anyway. Then he developed a smoking-related cancer and died an agonizing death. Needless to say, he changed his mind. He told me, "Don't tell me not to smoke. Figure out a way for me to smoke without consequences." Now he is dead, and Mom just celebrated her 17th anniversary with a man who was man enough to stop smoking. No dementia in either one of them.”
When Bill Clinton Met Mayhill Fowler on the Rope Line

When Bill Clinton Met Mayhill Fowler on the Rope Line

Commented Jun 13, 2008 at 14:04:11 in Home

“As a college intern at a small-town newspaper, I covered a judge running for re-election speaking at a League of Woman Voters meeting. He said appallingly racist things about defendants coming before his court. It was a scoop. On reflection, I realized he had not realized I was there as a reporter because he recognized me as his son's friend. I hadn't thought to identify myself to someone I had known my whole life. I agonized over that article. If I worded it one way, there would be an uproar and he was a neighbor and friend of my family. If I left the material out, a racist judge could be condemning people to prison out of prejudice. I buried the material in the middle of the article, worded obliquely, and no one noticed. I left journalism because of the ethical dilemma. Later on, he was found to have wrongly condemned people without proper evidence. I was wrong. Mayhill Fowler was right.”

gallonjug on Jun 14, 2008 at 14:41:43

“Mayhill fowler was right? You mean because someday we will find out that Barack Obama thinks poor people have become cynical about politics and bill clinton doesn't like to be humiliated in the media?

Man, what would we do without hardworking reporters like fowler-- getting to the heart of what's really at stake for America and the world in the elections of 2008.”

brizzle on Jun 13, 2008 at 16:01:09

“Now, that's a story.”
Jessica Yellin 180°

Jessica Yellin 180°

Commented May 30, 2008 at 22:30:23 in Media

“When I took high school journalism, I was taught, freedom of the press is freedom for the guy who owns it. That is why Yellin is in it and I eventually backed out.”

dshwa on May 31, 2008 at 00:03:51

“The quote is "Freedom of the press belongs to those rich enough to own one." -A. J. Liebling.”

lisakaz2 on May 30, 2008 at 23:48:45

“I wasn't. I was taught to have guts and ethics and that it had nothing to do with your owner, only your editor. And this was college.”
McCain, Obama, and the Hamas Banana Skin

McCain, Obama, and the Hamas Banana Skin

Commented May 15, 2008 at 11:01:40 in Politics

“If McCain himself didn't recognize the Hamas attempt to manipulate our elections, his people certainly did. They used it for what it is - a gift to McCain, just as Bush did previously with inflammatory pronouncements from Bin Laden. It doesn't matter to the Republicans that Hamas is trying to manipulate our election as long as the Republicans like the way it falls. And my Jewish relatives have fallen for it.”
Obama Starts Off The Day With Superdelegates

Obama Starts Off The Day With Superdelegates

Commented May 13, 2008 at 12:48:17 in Politics

“My senator is Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Grunty1 on May 13, 2008 at 13:07:02

“Even better! Give her a call and ask her to support Obama!
You may wish to call from a payphone however.”

EyeWantOneNation on May 13, 2008 at 13:01:14

“ sympathies, dear !!!


McPander on May 13, 2008 at 12:53:11

“I can just see it. Someone will challenge her seat. The first add will be, "Hardworking Americans, White Americans".
That is just going to go over like a ton of bricks.”
Is Giuliani's Daughter Ditching His Name?

Is Giuliani's Daughter Ditching His Name?

Commented Apr 10, 2008 at 20:10:06 in Politics

“Did it ever occur to you that Caroline isn't cashing in on her father's name to increase her success on the stage? That is different from denying who she is. You go girl! I'm proud of you and proud to have known you as a child!”
huffingtonpost entry

CDC Has Lost Control of the Autism Argument

Commented Apr 5, 2008 at 18:10:25 in Healthy Living

“Where is your evidence to support this? Sleeping on the back does not cut off the baby's oxygen. Intuitively, that might seem to be the case, but it is not. If the babies had no oxygen, they would die. The opposite is the case. Babies placed on their stomachs to sleep have a much higher death rate. I was very skeptical of the evidence when it first came out. I thought that if a baby slept on its stomach on a firm American crib mattress, not a pillow or sheepskin, it would do just as well if not better, as had my three children. That has been clearly shown not to be the case.
Vaccines do a lot of good. Parents, who don't remember the deaths from diseases like measles, or the profound autism caused by wild rubella infecting pregnant women, have become terrified of the vaccines. I have seen no data connecting autism and vaccines. And there never was thiomersal in the MMR. It is a live vaccine in single dose vials.”

NJTOM on Apr 6, 2008 at 09:48:03

“Putting an infant to sleep on it's back decreases lung oxygen volume and causes more apnea episodes. Apnea episodes cause breathing to be stopped for between 10 seconds and up to 1 minute. Scientists have analyzed and published many studies regarding this:

Infants that sleep on their backs compared to infants that sleep on their stomachs have numerous negative side effects:
- Social skills delays at 6 months (Dewey, Fleming, et al, 1998)
- Motor skills delays at 6 months (Dewey, Fleming, et al, 1998)
- Increased rates of gastroesophageal reflux (GER) (Corvaglia, 2007)
- Milestone delays (Davis, Moon, et al., 1998)
- Increased duration of sleep apnea episodes during REM sleep (Skadberg, Markestad, 1997)
- 6% decrease in sleep duration (Kahn, Grosswasser, et al.,1993)
- 1 in 300 infants had plagiocephaly in 1974 (Graham, Gomez, et al., 2005)
- 1 in 60 infants had plagiocephaly in 1996 (Graham, Gomez, et al., 2005)
Considering the following associations (not implying causation):
- 51% of children with Developmental Speech and Language Disorders have definite to borderline motor problems (Visscher, et al., 2007)
- 10% of children with deformational plagiocephaly have mild to severe mental delay (Kordestani, Patel, et al., 2006)
- 26% of infants with deformational plagiocephaly have mild to severe psychomotor delay (Kordestani, Patel, et al., 2006)
Additional Facts:
- 3% of U.S. infants are born with sleep apnea (120,000 per year).
- Sleep apnea has a 4 to 1 boy to girl ratio.
- Autism has a 4 to 1”

Heraldblog on Apr 5, 2008 at 22:13:42

“He doesn't need evidence. He has anecdotes. The plural of anecdote is data. Craig thinks NJTOM is onto something, and if you disagree with Craig, he will call you a pharma whore and hurt your feelings.”
Obama Raises Twice As Much As Clinton

Obama Raises Twice As Much As Clinton

Commented Apr 3, 2008 at 17:43:41 in Politics

“There's more to it than that. Barack Obama (and others) regularly ask for money via email. Obama even had a special offer last week to have a chance for dinner with him if I gave by 3/31. I have never received a fundraising email from Hillary, though she responds to my emails as a constituent and knows my address. Last night was the first time I have received a fundraising request from her - by snail mail. Now I give regularly to Obama (but not for dinner), but Hillary doesn't seem to be trying. Her people don't know how to fundraise over the internet. They only know how to reach out conventionally to donors and concentrate on the big donors. We don't really matter to her.”

babybabybaby on Apr 3, 2008 at 18:24:21

“i have NEVER recieved a fundraising email from Barack. Stop the lies!!!!!”

eshalom on Apr 3, 2008 at 18:11:50

“That isn't true. I'm a Hillary supporter and I regularly receive email requests from her campaign and I frequently send small donations - I set aside a couple of dollars for her every time I read or hear an Obama smear attempt - it adds up fast. But then I don't fit into your neat little Obama constituencies of students; elite, upscale, extremist left-wing Democrats (Huffington Post and Daily Kos crowd), etc. I'm a well-educated, (master's degree) professional woman with a preference for meaningful work that doesn't put me in the high income class.”

SoulSistah on Apr 3, 2008 at 18:06:58

“Excellent observation MJane. HRC's camp is very out of touch with current technology. If they can't grasp how to use this technology to benefit her campaign, how can they justify her fitness to lead this nation . . . a red land-line phone is so last century. We need a candidate that understands how young people communicate and are willing to use bright young minds to help solve the problems of our nation and this world.”
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