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Margaret Anne Faichney's Comments

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Nick Clegg: Top Universities Need To Accept More State-School Children

Nick Clegg: Top Universities Need To Accept More State-School Children

Commented May 23, 2012 at 08:12:28 in UK Universities & Education

“this is why i will never vote,i have 4 children the 3 oldest 26yrs,28yrs and 30yrs have worked in f/t work since they left school my youngest is 18yrs and is at college, left school after staying in school a extra 2 years and has been accepted into stirling universaty unconditional .we are from working class family, we have worked since we left school, now i cant work because off severe arthritis, my daughter feels its very unfair comments on social backgrounding and lowering the universaty standards to allow poorer young adults in,all my children have been brought up you get out of life what you put in, my youngest is the first faichney ever to be accepted into uni and with the sleepless nights and all the hours she has put into her studies she feels its unfair with this decision off cleggs as the students at any universaty have worked hard to get there and putting name tags on social identification is going to cause frictions between students/parents, no one has the right to say anyone in any social background should get into universaty its not that long ago the polititions caused big problems when there wasnt enough places for the students.last year.”
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Mary Kennedy's Suicide Stirs a Memory

Commented May 23, 2012 at 10:06:11 in Healthy Living

“i am a 48yr old wife and mum of 4 grown up kids and 2 grandaughters my wish is no one in my family ever feels the way i do with severe depresion,i have had depresion for most of my life it should never be pushed aside as my gp has done for yrs i have been at my gp for a long time in and out off hospitals as i became disabled in dec 2010 my depresion became worse and found i was loosing control off my life as i had to give up my much loved f/t job at bupa and 2 out of 4 of my grown up kids could not accept my conditions they have nothing to do with the rest of the family,i can asure people depresion is a deap dark place were you go unwillingly all the meds in the world would not get me out of the dark this past year esp january/feb this year i have regressed into myself my arms and wrists are covered in scars as i self harmed no one could help me i tried to kill myself 3 times over this year im not looking for pity i need understanding not self pity when i became disabled i felt my life was taken from me i became worthless,useless and ugly/fat i know im not the only one that has the same problems as me,but understanding off this terrable affliction,”